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Amin Khelghat Portrait

A decade ago, Amin Khelghat departed Iran for Germany to pursue his passion for photography, particularly in the realm of black and white photography. In his homeland, capturing the essence of a woman dancing, symbolizing freedom and expression, was prohibited, risking imprisonment for both the photographer and the subject.

Determined to fully immerse himself in his craft, Khelghat embarked on a journey to Germany, where he could freely explore his artistic vision. His series "Motion Abstraction" captures the tension of veiled dancers, juxtaposing their fluid movements with the constraints imposed by societal norms. Through his lens, he portrays a struggle for liberation within a confined space.

While he now enjoys the freedom to express his ideas without censorship, Khelghat finds himself grappling with the irony that the very freedom of his adopted country serves as a reminder of the repression he seeks to depict. Despite the meticulously composed lighting and technique, his "sculptures" evolve organically, devoid of choreographed constraints.

Each dance in Khelghat's work carries a narrative, yet he invites viewers to interpret and derive their own impressions. Drawing from a lifetime immersed in beauty, art, music, dance, and poetry, Khelghat channels his diverse influences into his photography, producing stunning fine art prints that explore themes close to his heart.

Already exhibited in various cities, Khelghat's work resonates with audiences worldwide, offering a glimpse into the complex interplay between freedom and constraint, beauty, and repression.

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